SalesFocus - Sybiz Sales & Customer Data on your iPhone

Access your vital customer and inventory information, create sales orders and schedule appointments wherever, whenever on your iPhone.

  • Securely Access Customer Details

    SalesFocus syncs your Sybiz data securely with your iPhone, giving you access to your vital data wherever, whenever.

    Even when you have no network connectivity, you can still access your data. When your back in coverage your data gets upto date

  • View Customer Details

    Contact Details, Credit Terms, Financial Balances, Last Receipts, etc are at your can even Google Map and navigate to yoru customer's door.

    You can turn off access to financial information on a per user basis

  • Create Sales Orders

    With SalesFocus you can not only manage your Sales Pipeline, you can create Sales Orders, which are instantly uploaded to your accounting software.

    In addition, you can print or email an order confirmation, the second it lands on your server

  • Appointment Scheduler

    From SalesFocus you can create appointments, reminders and even record notes, which synchronise to your Exchange Server

About Us

Focus Software is a solution development company. We build tools to help you focus on what's important in your business.

We immerse ourselves into learning about our customers. This knowledge twined with our passion for solving problems drives us to deliver successful solutions.

Sybiz Software

Sybiz Software is a business software pioneer. Founded in 1975, Sybiz has excelled at identifying changing business needs and responding with innovative accounting software developments.

In 1991 Sybiz received international acclaim for the release of the world's first accounting program for Microsoft Windows 3.0. Today Sybiz continues to deliver world class business solutions to over 70,000 users, world wide

Sybiz Vision is the accounting system that is fast, flexible and user-friendly. It extracts comprehensive reporting for fast growing companies and, with over 50 additional industry-specific solutions, Sybiz Vision is the accounting system for your business.

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